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The LICP; Who are we and what makes us different?.

What are our unified objectives?

It occurred to me that in light of our recent surge in membership, that from time to time, it is a good idea to reflect on what distinguishes us from a typical camera club.

The original plan for the organization, as put forth by the founder, Dick Lopez, was to establish “center” for photography which would include the “Little Gallery,” with its discussions and critiques, but also to create external workshops for where we could share our photographic knowledge and skills with the outside community.

Over the years these many ventures proved rewarding and exhilarating but they took an immense amount of time and energy from LICP staff volunteers. Today, our efforts have been simplified in order to put less stress on members while maintaining our prime focus: learning and the discovery which has been stimulated through the monthly “Little Gallery” meetings, which encourage individualism through discussions and group critiques.

Here are some ways you can benefit the most from the group critiques: 1) prepare a series of 5 photographs that represent a continuity in your vision 2) feel free to question the group about how they are perceiving your work. Please be a good listener. 3) you might want to elaborate briefly on what inspired you to take the photographs, what your aesthetic objectives are, what you tried to communicate or any experimentation in arriving at your displayed photographs.

In commenting on the work of others, try to limit your technical references so we don’t get too far afield our core concerns about artist’s intent.

If you are interested in getting technical advice, know that you can request a mini-workshop or give one in something you are good at (or pretty good at). Let me know if you are interested

Let’s continue to enjoy our group, learn from it, and always strive to keep it fresh and different.

All my best, Marc

Photography is the easiest medium with which to be merely competent. It is the hardest medium in which to have some sort of personal vision and to have a personal style. “                                                              Chuck Close