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Susan Kozodoy Silkowitz

My interest in and love of Photography has spanned over 40 years.

Coming from a musical family,  I had no background in the Arts and, therefore, didn’t know I had any talent in Photography.  I knew I was perceptive with people and originally studied Psychology in college.

After the birth of my son, I enrolled in a couple of evening classes at the School of Visual Arts, and learned about composition,  and processing film and prints.  

It was many years later, with the advent of digital photography, that I became very interested in learning more about shooting and processing files,  especially since the digital ‘darkroom’ didn’t require much physical space.  

Although I do some landscape and nature photography, my focus has been primarily in portraiture.   I’ve had some classes in lighting, and recently took some classes at the International Center of Photography in Street Photography.  I plan to study Documentary Photography there.  

The portraiture allows me to articulate my perceptions of people and their situations.  I think the people I chose to photograph tells something about who I am.  Besides street photography, I enjoy photographing dancers, musicians and people who are somewhat different or quirky.

I use Photoshop to process my work, as well as several filters to add texture or special effects, and do my own printing.

I’ve had several awards and honors,  exhibiting my work in local galleries.

My website is www.kozysilk.com.  You can contact me at s2silk@optonline.net  to inquire about my work.