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It just happens to be a coincidence that the assignment this month is ‘The Magic of Light”. I wanted to write about light this month as well. It came to me when we needed to set back our clocks earlier this month. It always amazes me how that one hour can make such a big difference in our daily routines. At least for me because I love to shoot during the twilight hour and the sun starts to sink into the horizon around 3:30. Since I depend on natural light, I find I have to plan my day conscious of this fact.

I am intrigued by the intense shadows and angles that are cast from the low light. These shapes become or transform the subject. To quote the contemporary American artist James Turrell, “Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation”.

The painter Caravaggio would paint light to dramatically highlight specific points in his compositions and Impressionist Claude Monet also captured the ethereal subtleties of color and light.

Attached are two photographs by Paul Strand and James Turrell. I think both are dramatic

examples of using light to construct subjects in their photographs.

I hope that these examples shed a little more light on the subject, and that you will be inspired to “see the light” when you are shooting.

Diane Luger- Co-President of the LICP