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Co-president’s Letter from Marc

Reflections on the LICP 2018 Survey Forms

In general, everyone in our group seems to be very pleased with our activities, but there were some interesting suggestions for improvement; let’s look at 5 of them:

1-As the time allotted for discussion seems to make in-depth discussion harder, how about “round-table” discussions offered on another day from time to time.

2-Can we have more guest speakers?

3-Time to delve into visual analysis of “famed photographers.”

4-Can we feature a member’s work to give them more time and space? 5-Should we have a “digital option for showing work?”

1- The suggestion of “round table discussions” is intriguing. If enough of you are interested in this, we would have to reserve space at our venue, probably another Tuesday. Help with designing this is welcome.

2- Guest Speakers? The inclination of the LICP board and members has been to shy away from technology-based slide lectures and to lean toward fine-art motivational speakers. While we realize that  light, speed, depth of field, etc are critical understandings, we do not believe in spending excessive time on camera and software technology to the expense of investigating “how we see.” We have undertaken a virtual visit from Annie Leibovitz, who can be experienced at 4 hostings by LICP members. In addition, we arranged for heralded photographer Howard Schatz to speak at the Manhasset Public Library on June 11.

3- Learning about some of the photography greats is something we’ve just touched upon in a few discussions. I created a series of documentary movie showings and discussions on this vary subject for almost two years, sponsored by the LICP and the Freeport Memorial Library. It is not easy to find good biographical documentaries on these photo idols which a library also has licensing to show to a group, so I nearly ran out of titles.

That said, we COULD show some 30 min documentary movies. and follow up with discussions, at our own meeting venue, if that is something you would like to do. It would need an hour or so…maybe best on another Tuesday of the month (would need space reservations).

4- More time and space for a featured photographer a nice thought if you’ve felt hemmed in by the 5 photo limitation at our critiques, but it is difficult to fit into our time frame without depriving others of their own time.

In addition, the limitation to 5 allows more time for studying each picture.

We do have a gallery page for showing more work. It is tempting carve out a time to feature a photographer, but we couldn’t be fair to over 30 members by featuring a few. Best to attend each others’ shows, as much as possible, and chat about their work.

5- As for the idea to have a digital option…most camera clubs have used digital projection for their meetings. I have judged many of them and, I find it a colder way of showing and viewing work. However, It does have some definite advantages: less expensive to prepare the photographs and no worries about lighting the photos . However, much is lost in the craft of making and presenting the images to full advantage, such as the selective choice printing paper and the manner of matting. Our board and many of the members have weighed in that they prefer the “old school” approach.

Please feel free to email me with any comments: mjosloff@verizon.net.